Configure your POP3 mailbox in Thunderbird

This tutorial explains how to configure a mailbox in Thunderbird email client. This open-source application is of the best available with its easy to use interface, its compatibility with all necessary protocols and of course, it’s free! This tutorial has been writen for Email-Ready users but it applies to the majority of email solutions.

You need the following information before starting:

  • Email address
  • Email password
  • Incoming server host name
  • Outgoing server host name
  • Incoming and outgoing ports

Download Thunderbird

Click here to download the latest version of Thunderbird for Windows, Linux, or Mac. The website will automatically detect the language of your browser and will propose you the software in the same language. You can change language by clicking on “Other systems & languages”.

Create the new account

Thunderbird proposes to create a new account when you first launch the application. You can manually add a new account if the software already exist using the Tools menu -> Settings Accounts -> Create a new account. A new window will open and will ask to enter your name, email address and password.

Click on continue once the information is entered. Thunderbird will attempt to set himself the new mailbox but it’s better to switch to manual configuration by clicking the Advanced config button to make sure everything is properly configured.

You must verify the following fields in the new window:

  • Choose POP3 as incoming server protocol.
  • The server host name is provided by your hosting provider.
  • The incoming POP3 port should be 110.
  • The outgoing SMTP port is 25 but since most ISPs block this port, you must choose an alternate port, which is often 26 or 587.
  • As most email servers do not have a valid SSL certificates installed, you should turn this option off unless a SSL certificate is available.
  • Authentication should be Password.
  • Click on Create Account.

As the secure access using SSL was disabled, a warning window will popup. Check the box and click Create Account. Accessing your emails without using a secure SSL connection can be dangerous when your are connected to a public network as a user could capture all transmissions between Thunderbird and the mail server and find your password this way.

Additional configurations

The account should now be successfully created. There still remains a small change to do. Since most mailboxes have a quota, you should avoid your Thunderbird leaving all emails on the incoming server, which would mean that you could reach your quota quickly. You need to go in account settings to adjust this. You should check the box Leave a copy on the server and the box For X number of days in Server settings. A logical number of days would be 14, which for example will allow your iPhone to read your emails for the same mailbox.

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